1. Play to earn game gate
  2. Cross chain gate outcomes against the community
  3. Access to metaGATE NFT Mint Events
  4. Buy & Sell in The METAGATE Marketplace
  5. Participate in gate Tournament Prize Pools
  6. Sacrifice with trinkets for exclusive items
  7. Access metaGATE game
  8. Trigger surprises for players
  9. Tokenomics & Roadmap

What is metaGATE?

metaGATE is the primary means of exchange within the metaGATE ecosystem. All platform fees, P2P NFT listings, and mint events are demoninated in metaGATE.

Holders of metaGATE tokens will be able to use their tokens to:
  • Play to earn game gate
  • Cross chain gate outcomes against the community
  • Access to metaGATE NFT Mint Events
  • Buy & Sell in The metaGATE Marketplace
  • Participate in gate Tournament Prize Pools
  • Sacrifice with trinkets for exclusive items
  • Access metaGATE game
  • Trigger surprises for players

metaGATE the gate it is a play to earn and gate generative NFT experience built on the BSC chain. The team selected BSC for its cutting-edge Proof of History technology but also because of the robust & passionate community that this Layer 1 blockchain has built during its relatively short lifetime. In addition to the artwork has created for the game concept, an SPL utility token (metaGATE) has been created to act as a means of exchange as well as to provide the game a way to reward players for their participation through frequent airdrops, tournaments, achievements & community awards among other P2E processes.

metaGATE holders will interact with their NFT through the other games customization allowing for endless levels of personalization through frequent seasonal, branded, or requested items & equipment drops directly from the team.

metaGATE system will consist of several evolutions as time & development progresses. Each stage will remain online and functional allowing for several ways for the community as a whole to interact with THE GATE in their preferred manner.

LEVEL ONE: Instantly resolved playing outcomes via The gate.

LEVEL TWO: Allows for turn-based play and interactions through mobile & desktop applications between your wallet.

LEVEL THREE: Development team will focus on expanding into Virtual Reality GATE with unique skills & abilities obtainable through various games awards.

GATE participation will be limited at first but will be continually expanded on to improve interactions & logic in the VR Metaverse GATE

The metaGATE functions as a way to interact with your trait sets, customizing your plays to fit your personality and your play style.

Augment traits to complement other members of gate or to target a specific opponent. The possibilities are endless and customization is highly encouraged. Each interaction with The gate, after the first, will require a nominal amount of metaGate tokens to be provided to complete the update. No charge visits to The gate may be awarded via Telegram, Twitter, and through various activities. If BSC tokens are used to interact with The gate, the BNB fees will be immediately converted to BUSD used to market buy metaGate via the pancake and a portion of the metaGate acquired will be burned. If metaGate are provided, ½ of these will be immediately burnt. The remainder are added to The Gate Treasury.

metaGATE NFT holders will be able to participate in marketplace allowing for the secure P2P transfer & sale of equipment, consumables, traits via auction style listings managed by the user. All auctions are denominated in metaGate tokens. Holders will be able to trade metaGATE tokens directly to the gate for equipment & consumables unique Secure P2P transfers and Auctions are subject to small transaction fees denominated in metaGATE tokens shared equally by both parties. Half of these metaGATE tokens are immediately burnt. The remainder are added to The gate Treasury.

Over time through a community selection process, additional NFT projects will be brought into the CFCS. It is the intention of the development team to include as many bsc NFT communities as possible within our gate system metadata. Holders of NFT will be able to access The gate to initialize their CFCS trait sets. After exiting The gate, the NFT will forever be able to participate in metagate marketplaces, events in addition to receiving daily metaGATE tokens

The full amount reserved for marketing will be made available to the team. The metaGATE token will be used to encourage increased community engagement, provide airdrops, boost pools, and for investment partners.

Amounts reserved for development will be immediately vested. Vesting contract upon creation and scheduled for release to the team according to the timeline laid out in the roadmap.

Team allocations are vested for a period of two year from the mint date releasing of their respective amounts monthly on the 1st of each month.

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